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Customer Testimonials

Read what people are saying about our Gulf Coast Gourmet! Don't visit Destin or 30A without trying our unique, gourmet appetizers!


Somethin' Snappy

"The best fish dip on the planet - Somethin' Snappy is amazing. Don't visit the Emerald Coast without taking some home. Jason is good people." - Marcus S.


Jommin' Jalapeños

"Your jalapeños are the best I've ever had." - @jacobyshawna_realtor


Somethin' Snappy

"Craig sent me a bucket of the Snappy Fish Dip - It might be the best thing I ever tasted! I went through it faster than I probably should have - I highly recommend it!" - Jerrod M.

File May 12, 3 00 16 PM.png

Somethin' Snappy

"Snap, snap!!! Best snapper dip I've ever tasted!" - @lovepeacefeed


Chillin' Ceviche

"I had the best shrimp ceviche tonight, made by the one and only Jason Salinas of JC's Gourmet, LLC. I went to the Seaside Farmer's Market to get his Poppin' Pimento (so, so yummy) and he told me I needed to try this new ceviche he makes, so I bought it without tasting it and I was not disappointed... anything Jason makes is great!" - Karen M.

2019-05-11 12.51.59-3.jpg

Somethin' Snappy

"Jason, your amazing snapper dip made our day better!! Thank you. Comfort food. Wine World Watercolor was our supplier." - Heidi & Joe W.

SFM - Cluckin Chicken response.png

Cluckin' Chicken

We love hearing our southwestern Cluckin' Chicken salad is "amazing" and "the bomb"! Thank you!


Our Gulf Coast Gourmet

"The snapper dip is delicious, the jalapeños are amazing and the ceviche is hands down, the best I’ve ever tasted!" - Brooke


Our Gulf Coast Gourmet

Dear #ImAddicted,

Thank you for your review of our Chillin' Ceviche and our smoked Somethin' Snappy dip! We're so glad you enjoyed!


Somethin' Snappy

"My son thinks he will die if he doesn't get your snappy dip. Where can we find you in the next few days?" - Julie C.


Poppin' Pimento

"I ate the Poppin’ Pimento in one sitting. We always buy JC’s Gourmet when in Destin. So yummy." - Chris T.


Chillin' Ceviche

"My first shrimp ceviche experience with JC's Gourmet was the bomb! Soooo delicious and some of the best ceviche I’ve ever tasted. Very zesty and perfect for a hot summer day. Can’t wait to get more!!!" - Diane K.


Our Gulf Coast Gourmet

"Chef Jason Salinas never disappoints! I can't decide which dip I love best. The snapper dip topped with perfectly candied jalapeños got me hooked instantly. Then the amazingly refreshing ceviche had me at first bite. I tried some of his new pimento cheese dip and had to get a tub." - Susie M.


Somethin' Snappy

"Somethin’ Snappy = Somethin’ Happy. It’s true. It IS “The best darn fish dip period.” Thanks, Jason Salinas of @jcsgourmet15 for making this magical concoction of deliciousness, and thank you @susangunnphotography for introducing us to it six years ago. A trip to 30A would be incomplete without it 🥰" - @susanstrib


Our Gulf Coast Gourmet

"While the dips are amazing - all the food and dishes are really great, too! I may be mildly addicted." - Allison S.


Somethin' Snappy

"Your dip was amazing! Thanks for sharing, even though you were sold out [at the Seaside Farmers Market]. I cannot wait for my next trip to work on the house so I can get lots of goodies!" - Courtney W.D.


Somethin' Snappy & Jommin' Jalapeños

"Your dip and jalapeños are simply fantastic! We were introduced to them last week at Shunk Gulley. We had to bring them back to St. Louis, Missouri. Awesome!" - Mary K.


Vexin' Verde & Somethin' Snappy

"We love our partnership with amazing locals and JC's Gourmet is one of them. Their salsa verde tops off our pulled pork nachos and their snapper dip is one of our more popular appetizers!" - Grayton Beer Brewpub


Gushin' Goobers

We were so excited to bring this seasonal special to the farmers market in Seaside! Stay tuned for future offerings!


Somethin' Snappy

"Red snapper dip

Is AMAZING!!" - Kay F.

2019-03-08 15.47.24.jpg

Chillin' Ceviche

"The ceviche is the best! It's become a must-have along with our snappy dip!" - Carrie P.

Somethin Snappy Testimonial - Amy - Kith

Somethin' Snappy

Thank you for the 5 star Google review of Somethin' Snappy, Amy!! You made our week and we're so glad that you visited our friends at Kith + Kin Coffee at Topsail!


Somethin' Snappy & Jommin' Jalapeños

Jodi from Austin, TX surprised her husband with our smoked Somethin’ Snappy and our candied Jommin’ Jalapeños for his birthday party yesterday. We’re so glad it was such a big hit! Happy birthday from JC’s Gourmet! (This occasion definitely merited a special delivery from Santa Rosa Beach, FL.)


Somethin' Snappy

"We never leave to go back home without getting their products for friends and family! The best snapper dip, EVER!!!" - @ritajoyrawdon

JCG - Alex Service Testimonial.PNG

Our Service

"Thank y'all for providing 30A with such great dips! You guys are so professional in everything you do and it shows!" - Alex V.


Somethin' Snappy

"OMG the best dip in the world, hands down! Get you some as fast as you can!" - Ashley A.

File Oct 22, 4 43 50 PM.png

Our Gulf Coast Gourmet

"We love JC's! We are very excited to have that deliciousness at #DestinCrafted next month, too!" - Chan's Wine World

file mar 10, 9 51 30 pm.png

Our Gulf Coast Gourmet

Thank you, Rob, for your review! We love seeing you play at the Dog-Harmony, Inc. events and elsewhere!


Chillin' Ceviche

Thank you for being such a loyal fan of our shrimp Chillin' Ceviche, Kelly! You can buy our ceviche at Wine World in Watercolor on Saturdays now! Follow her on Instagram!

File Nov 10, 1 23 38 PM.png

Somethin' Snappy

We love receiving feedback from our amazing customers! Thank you Mary and Laurie, for your Somethin' Snappy enthusiasm!

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